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Ben Stokes Bio:

Ben Stokes: Director, Designer, Multi-Media Artist & Composer.

Blowing people's minds

Recent Projects as Director/Designer:
2012 - Obscura Digital, Westfield Mall "Corazone" Desinger, Animator, Cinematographer & music & Sound Design.
2012 - DJ Kascade Freaks of Nature Tour, Mark Mguire,(Design & animation)
2012 - DJ Shadow, "Shadowsphere" tour, Mission ControlDesigner, director and everything to do with visuals.
2012 - Autofuss. SAP - Animator.

2011 - Teak Digital, Big City Mountaineers. - Designer & Animator.
2011 - Obscura Digital, Princess of Abu Dhabi Wedding - Live action director.
2011 - Teak Digital - Nest Thermostat, Designer & Animator.
2011 - Obscura Digital. LG Building projection

2009 - NASA PSA "Holograph" Featuring Mos Def & Astronaut Leland Melvin, 2009, Director.
2009 - Heineken Distributers Convention spot. Director, Designer, Cinematographer.
2009 - CO2 Cube visuals, Designer, Cinematographer.
2008 - Latin Revenge (music Video) Azeem 2009, Director, animator.
2007 - Gun Fight (music video) for the Mighty Underdogs. 2008, Director & animator.

Recent Tours:

Shadowsphere 2010-2012
Meat Beat Manifesto Tour 2010-2011
The Hard Sell Tour - 2008-2009
Hard Sell show at the Hollywood Bowl. July 2008
Meat Beat Manifesto 2005 -2006

Music videos as Director (partial list)

MC Azeem - "Latin Revenge"
Public Enemy - "Night Train"
De La Soul - "Saturdays"
DJ Shadow - "Walkie Talkie"
The Orb - "DJ Asylum"(BDA Gold Winner), "Toxygenes"
Meat Beat Manifesto - "Helter Skelter", "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" "Edge of No Control" "Fromage"
Josh Wink - "Are U There?"
Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like a Hole"(editor), "Down in It"(Director)
Ministry - "Flashback, Stigmata,

Commercials & Broadcast Design (as Director):
Tech TV - Two spots
MTV - Music video awards packaging '06
M2 - Promo IDs "Drag", "Drop" (BDA Gold Winner)
Howard Stern - E Entertainment show open & packaging
Levis - "Butterman"


Obscura Digital (Freelance director) 2009-2010
Mekanism - June 2008, 2009 Carles Schwab.
The Orphanage Jan - April '07 Compositor - Pirates of the Carribean 3. July-Nov. '06 Compositor - Mimzy
Linc. Design June '06 Motion Graphics - Mervyns
Radium Sept '05 Motion Graphics - Oracle
Tino Corp. Records 99-present Owner, Artist & Founder.
H-Gun Labs 89 -01 Owner, Director & Founder.

BDA Gold for "DJ Asylum", BDA Gold for "Drag", BDA Silver for "Helter Skelter",
Monitor Award for "DJ Asylum" & Audience Choice Award at Res Fest for "Walkie Talkie"
Guest at Licoln Center for the Arts, for "the Work of Ben Stokes retrospective" Hosted by Armond White

Authored a Chapter for the After Effects Magic book series; "Virtual Sets" New Riders Publishing
Teacher at Film Arts Foundation on After Effects

Skill Set: After Effects, Final Cut, Maya 3D Studio Max, Pro Tools, Abelton Live, & good old fashioned production: cinematographer, producer, animation director.

Contact: holofonic@gmail.com